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Colon Hydrotherapy & Wellness

Cleanse, Hydrate, Renew


What is colonic irrigation?

Colonic irrigation, also called colon cleansing, cleanses the colon –also known as the large intestine— by utilizing specialized equipment to flush it with filtered water with added minerals or herbs.

Why is it important to take care of the colon?

The colon is a major organ within the digestive system which plays a key part in overall health. If the colon is impacted, it can prevent proper elimination of waste, and this can lead to toxicity in the body. A backed up or partially obstructed colon can also prevent the body from properly absorbing nutrients. This can deprive the body of nourishment essentially effecting the function of every other body system.

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Tracy White

Licensed Colon Hydro Therapist | Yoni Steam Practitioner | Herbalist

I am Tracy. I have had many colonics over the last 10 plus years. I decided to obtain my certification to help others suffering with gut health issues and others who want to maintain optimal health. I received my certification as a Colon Hydro therapist in 2020.  

I am also a Yoni Steam practitioner specializing in womb wellness through steaming the yoni with various herb blends. I myself suffered for many years with long heavy menstrual periods and found resolve with and through yoni steaming and colonics. My mission through these services is to help detox the body and promote a peaceful balance in the body. 

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